Author Bio

Shellie Jones is considered a pure Southern Belle by her family, friends, and acquaintances. She is caring, thoughtful, poised, and beautiful inwardly and outwardly. At an early age, Shellie witnessed the unfortunate mishaps of those who stepped over the line. After making many mistakes in her own life, she made a determination to treat all people with love, dignity, and respect and to live a life that was pleasing to her Lord and Savior.

Shellie’s role models encouraged her to continue on her journey regardless of the setbacks. While struggling with a family at a young age, she completed a marketing degree from an historically black university in the south and a master’s degree in organizational development from a prestigious university in Washington, D.C.

As a result of her humble beginnings, Shellie has committed her life to serving others who are born with many odds against them. She has learned that the hardships and trials we endure are a source of growth and serve as customized tools designed to increase our faith. She and her husband have attained certifications that allow them to facilitate relationship workshops for engaged and married couples, singles, those seeking to restore their relationships with their children, and incarcerated fathers and their families. They also provide a divorce care ministry through their church. In addition, Shellie loves providing professional development opportunities to employees, parents, and students as well as teaching as an adjunct professor.

Comments from Others about Shellie Jones

I have been blessed to have met Shellie almost 30 years ago, especially just moving relocating and becoming a new mom in a new church home, it was essential that my life be surrounded by positive and Godly young wives and mothers of my own age. One day I met Shellie at church and was drawn to her openness, her loving, kind and sweet spirit.

After speaking on the telephone several times we realized that we had so much in common. Shellie’s enthusiasm for spiritual growth and love for her family only motivated me to continue on my journey. As a young mother and wife the world was very intimidating, but with a loving sister to talk and pray with, it felt a lot less overwhelming.

We decided to start fellow-shipping together for dinner after church with our husbands and children which was a warm, loving and gracious gesture by Shellie. I will never forget how good it felt to know someone so beautiful, loving, and hospitable. She possessed such a servant’s heart. Her love for her family was so refreshing and motivating, and to have that love spread into my life has been, and is a true blessing that has continued to this date. My life has been enriched because she chose to open her heart to me when she didn’t have an abundance of resources to share.

S. Heckles
Accounting Executive
Dallas, TX


I feel honored to be among a group of wonderful people who are all friends of Shellie. I came to know Shellie by way of her husband. He and I had worked for a major corporation in New York where we struck up a friendship. I recall when he told me about his plan to marry Shellie, whom I had not yet met, I wondered if he was thinking clearly, primarily because of past relationship disappointments. His plans were set and my brother and I attended their wedding. I met Shellie at her home and the chemistry was unbelievable. The warmth that exuded from her in that instance was so refreshing that I recall feeling really excited and that the match was perfect. Shellie lives her truth in all that she does. The struggles outlined in her book tell a story of triumph in spite of the unbelievable challenges. For myself and our mutual friends, I do believe that we are blessed immeasurably by being her friend. I am really excited that she has decided to share her life experience in her book. All readers will truly be blessed and will find a non-judgmental loving friend for live regardless of their race, beliefs, and status.  She loves and values all. 

O. Tyson
Program Analyst
New York, NY